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Why Airplanes Cannot Fly Over The Bermuda Triangle?

The human imagination tends to go into overdrive when confronted with clear evidence of consistent forces at play and no solid comprehension of what those forces really are – few places reveal this trait more than the

Interesting Animation Explains How Airplanes Are Able to Fly

Drag. Thrust. Lift. Jet engines. Propellers. Wings. This animation breaks down just exactly how an airplane flies and it’s pretty damn interesting. Each design element of the plane basically solves a law of physics and is part

How does a Turbo Fan Engine CFM56 7 Work

A jet engine is a reaction engine discharging a fast-moving jet that generates thrust by jet propulsion. This broad definition includesturbojets, turbofans, rocket engines, ramjets, and pulse jets. In general, jet engines are combustion engines. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO

Why Do The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Wings Curve When Flying?

The wings of the Boeing 787 are so flexible because its carbon fiber material can be stretched more, and the high aspect ratio of 11 will magnify this effect. In flight, all you will feel is less

Why does Air Force One cost $206,000,000 per hour to fly while a regular 747 costs about $24,000 an hour to fly?

I think you have about three too many zeros, but I’ll just interpret your question to be, “Why does Air Force One cost so much more than a regular 747?” The $179K per hour figure Dan quoted