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Why don’t airlines have parachutes for passengers?

In order to dive from an airliner you would need to be, in a stable altitude, at low air speed, and below about 12 000 ft (though skydiving is performed in 15000–18000 ft max). One more thing

Which is the best: Boeing or Airbus? Why?

Comparing Boeing and Airbus (which happen to be the two largest manufacturers of aircrafts in the world) is kind of like comparing who among BMW or Mercedes makes better cars (or the ever present android or iPhone

Why is fuel stored in the wings of aircraft?

Fuel is stored in 3 tanks, however, contrary to popular belief, the 737–800 has 5 tanks. They are – The surge tanks are not counted to the fuel capacity of the aircraft but act as a precaution,

Airbus A380 The Early Death of An Aircraft And Era.

A Legendary Aircraft:  The A380 is a legendary aircraft. It illustrates brilliant aeronautical engineering, technology, comfort and is in fact one of the best ever built civilian airliners in the history of aviation. Unfortunately, unless a huge

So THAT’S Why Airplane Engines Are So Big Now

At first glance, a commercial jet engine may look like an engineering outlier. Nearly everything else we see on planes has gotten smaller and more streamlined over the years. So why have engines continued to grow?  SCROLL