Which is the best: Boeing or Airbus? Why?

Comparing Boeing and Airbus (which happen to be the two largest manufacturers of aircrafts in the world) is kind of like comparing who among BMW or Mercedes makes better cars (or the ever present android or iPhone comparisons). Everyone has a different prospective on how they define ‘better’. There are a plethora of categories you could try to compare these aircrafts but there still won’t be a clear winner. Both these companies lead research In the aerospace industry and are on top of their game.

So again, everyone will you give you a different answer for this one.
Although I would like to refute a few points made by the previous answer:

  • Akash Patel‘s answer: That is actually not correct, most modern airliners have fly by wire technology. Boeing although has inculcated a feedback system into the yolk to make the pilot ‘feel’ like he is flying a normal aircraft. Airbus has a policy of minimizing pilot effort in regular flight conditions, this reduces pilot load and chances of error according to them. Therefore they have chosen to do away on the feedback system.
  • Akshay Deodhar’s answer: to say that airbus designed a cockpit and built a plane around it whereas Boeing built a badass plane and stuck a cockpit in it is a grossly unfair statement which undermines the whole process if aircraft design, a lot of innovation and intricacy is required to build an aircraft and to say that Airbus which designed and flew the largest commercial airliner in the world is not only false but also a little ignorant.

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